Welcome to the Luna Release
Luna is simply a fancy way of saying the moon. Earth’s moon, that is. Our moon. The one that controls the tides, brightens our nights and turns some people into werewolves. And much like the connection between the Earth and the moon, we hope that the enhancements in our Luna release will help us always stay in sync with our customers and partners.
We launched our new user experience for HR Teams in the Calypso release last December. The new experience is being rolled out in phases throughout 2019 and 2020, giving users the opportunity to gradually become accustomed to the new design and provide feedback.

With the Luna release, sections of the experience that have been updated will be the default view. Users can switch between the new and classic experience any time using a toggle switch. Enhancements we’ve made to the HR experience with the Luna release include.

Dashboard updates
Visual enhancements, easy access to learning and development areas, cards for Open Enrollment/New Hires, consolidated links, tasks numbers, ACA, SSR/legacy renewal and more!
Employee profile enhancements
Quick access added to dependents and beneficiaries for each benefit, salary information added to the employment tab and pending coverages are now displayed.
Tasks improvements
The tasks section has been updated with new features for viewing and approving document requests within a life event, accepting all benefits within the same document request and for approving specific benefit changes.
Employee Experience: Enhanced Enrollment Flow
We have included several enhancements that will streamline the experience for employees as they shop for and enroll in benefits. One of the most significant updates is that we have created three distinct groupings for actions that need to be taken:
Election required
Employees don’t yet have an existing election
Confirmation required
Configured as active and with an existing election to be confirmed
Plans to review
Configured as passive and with an existing election to review
Grouping actions this way removes any confusion about what needs to be done by the employee as they move through the benefits selection process. And as employees complete each section, indicators on the upper right will tell them they can move onto the next group of benefits.
Post-enrollment action items
There’s still more for employees to do after they checkout. PlanSource helps ensure employees get the coverage they need by creating a to-do list of post-enrollment action items.

Only 40% of employees complete and submit their Evidence of Insurability (EOI), so we have made it possible to manage EOI right in the enrollment workflow. EOI forms are available for download, and, for select carriers, employees will go straight to the carrier website with single sign on to complete their EOI.

Updates to Self-Service Renewal
Made generally available in our Galileo release, this tool builds on years of research and uses smart defaults and data-driven metrics from the PlanSource system to drastically simplify the annual renewal process for HR Teams. Smart, intuitive and automated renewal workflow empowers HR teams to efficiently manage the renewal process on their own. We’ve made multiple enhancements to the self-service renewal tool, including.
Optimized renewal support
with forms generated directly in Salesforce, which can be tracked and accessed by all PlanSource employees.
Enhanced volume configurations
which simplify and reduce the time required to configure volume-based plans.
Automated notifications
which provide automated, advanced notification of an upcoming plan year renewal.
Introducing PlanSource Community!
Welcome to PlanSource Community, a collaborative and empowering learning environment that is driven and sustained by PlanSource users. PlanSource Community is seamlessly integrated with PlanSource University and provides users with a virtual place to share best practices, submit ideas and strengthen their knowledge of PlanSource products and services by learning from fellow PlanSource users and subject matter experts.

This forum offers the familiar functionality we’ve all come to expect from social media, including the ability to post content, like posts and set up polls to learn other user’s thoughts on specific topics.

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