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May 2024

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Release Notes
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Welcome to the Spring 2024 Release

Enhancements to The Source

Retroactive Payroll Capability

New Carrier Integrations and Marketplace Partners

Updates to Guided Renewal

Enhancements to the API transaction tracker

Updates to The Source

The Source is our mobile engagement platform, and will help your employees grow their benefits awareness, drive year-round benefits usage, and become more engaged. This Spring, we are introducing several updates to The Source. 


Your HR team will be able to customize the images on the homepage tiles by choosing from a diverse library of images. 

We are also adding an admin role to The Source, allowing HR administrators and account managers to grant specific individuals the authority to edit the configuration settings of platform. 

New Retroactive Payroll Capability

Coming soon

A tiered suite of solutions designed to automate and streamline the payroll deduction process, targeting the specific needs of your business.  

These solutions include:

  • Retroactive deduction payroll reportinga self-service option that eliminates manual workload for HR and reduces the potential for errors.
  • Retroactive deduction payroll EDIPlanSource will be able to work with the customer and payroll vendor to create an outbound retroactive file or make changes to existing outbound file in order to electronically transmit payroll adjustments.

New Carrier Integrations

PlanSource has continued to partner with the top U.S. disability and life insurance carriers to provide industry-leading benefits technology and API integrations that modernize the benefits experience for employees and HR teams. 

New integrations include:

Enrollment API

MetLife can now replace traditional batch EDI files (previously processed weekly) with our real-time enrollment API, reducing discrepancies and timing-related issues.

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) Single Sign-On (SSO)

Mutual of Omaha’s customers can now benefit from answering EOI questions within the PlanSource benefits shopping experience saving valuable time and increasing submission rates of EOI forms.

New Marketplace Partners

Two new lifestyle benefit and point solution providers, TaskHuman and Trend Micro, have joined the PlanSource Partner Marketplace. These strategic partnerships bring a diverse set of offerings to the marketplace and PlanSource customers.  

Updates to Guided Renewal Experience

Our guided renewal experience makes it simple to add and update your benefits plans at annual renewal, giving HR leaders greater flexibility, better visibility into year-over-year changes and more time back in their day. 

A critical element of plan year renewal is the extension of payroll schedules. With this release, we are introducing a fully supported Payroll Schedule module within Guided Renewal. Administrators will be able to view, edit, add, and remove both Payroll Schedules and individual Payroll Schedule dates. We will also retain the auto-extension logic currently offered in Guided Renewal to simplify the process and will list this new module as required for review for all renewal types, as payroll review is a critical step in confirming an accurate plan year configuration. 

Enhancements to the API Transaction Tracker

PlanSource has APIs within the system that trade demographic, payroll, and enrollment data with partners and carriers. These Transaction Trackers will allow you to measure success rates of API transactions, but also increase visibility into error volumes and reasons, and to create clear paths to resolution. 


With this release, we’ve made several enhancements to the capabilities on the UKG API Transaction Tracker for Deductions & Earnings and have also streamlined the existing HCM/Admin/Enrollment Transaction Trackers to have an enhanced readability, polished formatting, and easier navigation. The Enrollment API Transaction Tracker will be automatically enabled for all organizations, eliminating the need for Administrators and Account Managers to manually activate it. 

Additional Updates 

This past November, we have transitioned to Pendo as our new in-app analytics and guidance tool. Pendo offers on-the-spot assistance tailored to users’ tasks within the PlanSource System, eliminating the need for users to deviate from their regular workflow. Enhancements include Contextual Assistance in which Pendo identifies users’ actions within the system and offers relevant guidance in real-time, and proactive support in which Pendo detects potential roadblocks, such as spending an extended period on a specific page, and offers assistance to ensure seamless navigation. 

We have also made several enhancements to our Paylocity API integration:

Error Prevention Mechanism

To prevent duplication of transactions sent to Paylocity, errors will be prevented from being marked resolved for a duration of 6 minutes after their creation time, minimizing the risk of duplicate data entry and ensuring data integrity.

Conditional Loading of Demographic/Coverage Sections

The HCM Service plugin will intelligently refrain from loading the demographic or coverage sections until the payroll vendor is enabled, reducing the likelihood of erroneous transactions and optimizing system performance.

Waived/Declined Coverage Handling

Waived or declined coverage transactions will not be sent to Paylocity if the prior coverage is already waived or declined, preventing coverage errors over the API and ensuring consistency in data transmission.

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