Spring Release
April 27, 2023
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Release Notes
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Welcome to the Spring 2023 Release
With the Spring 2023 release, PlanSource grows its lead at employee engagement, while making your interactions with us smoother and richer than ever.
Personalized Employee Engagement
IQ Suite Enhancements
Enhanced Ecosystem Integrations
Personalized Employee Engagement
Introducing The Source Personalize+

Making employee benefits personal

The Source Personalize+ is a cutting-edge feature that emboldens your people to take control of their benefits and care. Using employee data, we deliver the right message, the right way, at the right time to take employee engagement to the next level. The Source Personalize+ synthesizes claims information to deliver targeted, relevant messaging to employees when they need it most.


  • Predictive Analytics – anticipate an employee’s physical, financial, and emotional needs.
  • Micro Segmentation - send targeted messages about relevant benefits, recognize a professional milestone, or provide support in the event of a crisis.
  • Curated Content – use expert created messaging to select the campaigns based on benefits offered.
  • Closed-loop Reporting - create reports on emails sent, employee actions taken, confirmation of enrollment in a disease-management program, and several other metrics.
Enhancements to The Source
With this release, we have updated preferences within The Source so employees can select their communication preferences. Users will set their communication preferences the first time they log in but can also change them in settings at any time.
For customers using The Source, we have released a feature that will instruct your employees on how to access The Source with their phones. Additionally, employees completing their enrollment from a desktop device will see a banner on the Confirmation Page with a QR code and directions for accessing their benefits quickly and easily post-enrollment.
IQ Enhancements
Making your job easier
At PlanSource, we invest our time and effort in finding ways to optimize the time and effort you invest in administering benefits to your people. So when you reached out to us with ideas on how to enhance our IQ suite, we listened.

We have increased both capabilities and clarity within DependentIQ:

  • Task-status clarification – historical task statuses have been reworded to indicate the outcome, and are more consistent with the current status
  • Closed-status clarity – now when a document has been closed, it’s status will indicate whether the change was due to expiration or rejection
  • Child-document verification – several new verification models have been added, including adoption certificates, proof of custody and hospital record-of-birth
IQ Suite ROI Dashboards

In order to support critical decision-making, we have also made several visual enhancements to several of the IQ Suite dashboards:

  • ROI metrics – new section highlighting critical historical ROI metrics, including cost savings of not covering dependents and time saved by using DependentIQ
  • New labels – visuals have been relabeled to provide greater clarity.
  • Additional visual enhancements – various changes to colors, sizing and descriptions
Enhanced Ecosystem Integrations
HCM Service Enhancements

We have enhanced the integration of PlanSource with HCM platforms to help HR administrators to do their jobs more efficiently:

  • Mapping Code configuration – configure both the Earning Code and Deduction Code for each benefit
  • Send Bulk deductions – Send all subscriber deductions and earnings at once based on benefit type or plan year
HCM / Payroll Enhancements

We have also improved our user experience with UKG Pro and other HCM APIs

  • UKG Pro Effective Date – UKG pro is now passing the effective date of job or salary changes to PlanSource
  • Enrollment API transaction tracker – tracker can now support all carriers, and performance has been optimized
  • UKG Pro event notifications – we have optimized our processing to run the events more smoothly
Other Updates
Page Content Enhancements
In this release, we have made updates to the Page Content Management feature. Customers can continue to have a fully managed experience, where their standard benefit pages can be subscribed to the content that is created and maintained by the PlanSource team. This ensures customers get up-to-date content to maximize participation while complying with contractual obligations with carriers.

In addition, customers will continue to have the ability to unsubscribe benefit pages from the content managed by the PlanSource team, so they can customize this content any way they see fit. To maintain compliance, unsubscribed pages will feature additional content, which is managed by the PlanSource team and limited to what is required by partners. This content, when applicable, will be presented in a white box, located to the right of the benefit page content.

Boost Enhancements
As part of PlanSource Boost, we have developed industry-first, real-time APIs that customers can use to streamline and simplify the benefits experience. We are excited to announce Aflac, MetLIfe and The Hartford are soon going live for early adopters with their Enrollment API integrations, and will join Ameritas and Guardian with this new capability. Our enrollment integration sends employee elections and benefit changes in real time to the Boost insurance carrier to ensure benefits are accurate and up to date. Removing the need for antiquated batch EDI files reduces the related timing issues, and that allows for seamless delivery of member-level eligibility information.
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