Sirius Release

DECEMBER 10, 2020

Welcome to the Sirius Release

We’re sending a lot of great updates in our final product release of the year. From streamlined page views to simpler configuration our Q4 Sirius Release delivers the time-saving, stress-reducing enhancements we could all use after 2020!

HR Leader Experience

HR Leader: Boost Updates

Employee Experience

HR Leader Experience Updates

Renewal Summary Updates

Our updated Renewal Summary page workflow provides even more visibility into what changed (and who changed it!) year-over-year. These enhancements – many of which came from customer feedback – improve HR oversight, while also allowing brokers, resellers, and the PlanSource team to reduce and more easily troubleshoot errors.

Key updates include adding: cost changes to the downloadable PDF, details on who made what changes when on the Comparison Summary page, and a new Carrier Changes page that shows carrier EDI file changes, grouped by carrier. Our EDI team can see any updates you’ve made, and you’ll have full visibility into any changes we made after you.

Guided Renewal Enhancements

We’re continuing to hone our Guided Renewal UI to provide a seamless, intuitive and efficient self-service experience. Improvements coming in the Sirius Release include: making the Cost Imports spreadsheet only available for download on benefits that support costs; update a card’s status to “In Progress” only if changes have been made to it; adding the ability to erase all renewal information when restarting a renewal to help you minimize errors; and updated emails for the Guided Renewal and Renewal Wizard emails for our direct clients.

Federal ACA Reporting

We will be updating the system to comply with all federal filing requirements, including ACA forms, calculations, reporting, and a new 1095 form for the 2020 reporting year, provided by the IRS. We ensure our system keeps up with the changes to federal ACA regulations, so our clients can easily maintain compliance. Note: State ACA Reporting updates will be made in our Spring Release or before required deadlines.

> Read our latest blog on key 2020 reporting deadlines.

Employee Audit Updates

Our streamlined employee audit view builds on key power user capabilities from the Classic experience, creating less resistance to adoption of the New HR Experience for PlanSource, greater ease of use for customers, and easier troubleshooting for internal PS teams. These updates, originally slated to go live in our fall Cosmos Release, will add the dependent tables and plan year tables to the Employee Audit view.

HR Leader: Boost Updates

Boost’s groundbreaking approach to modern benefits management provides organizations with industry-leading benefits technology and carrier integrations.

Multiple Group Numbers & FEINS

Based on your feedback, we’re expanding our Plan Configuration API to support multiple group numbers and FEINs, so more organizations can take advantage of this time-saving automation! Customers now have an option to add additional group numbers – either for the same FEIN or a different one ­– during the Guided Renewal or Guided Launch workflows. Users can confirm that both FEINs match to help avoid errors later in the process and easily see which Guardian class the FEIN is associated with, giving you visibility and confidence that everything is pulling in correctly.

Available to all Guardian Plan Configuration API users.

New Guardian Cancer EOI

With Sirius, our Guardian EOI API now covers cancer products, too! Employees simply enroll in cancer insurance within PlanSource and then complete the online EOI. When they click to start the EOI, our integration will send them straight to Guardian’s site to answer state-specific cancer questions and determine if they’re approved for coverage. Then, the resulting status gets instantly sent back into our system.

Available to all Guardian EOI API users.

Enrollment API Updates

We released our revolutionary Enrollment API Transaction Tracker in Early Adopter last quarter to provide more visibility into data transfers. This initial release currently displays some information as strange-looking strings of code. We are reformatting this raw code with our Sirius Release, so all the information that’s displayed in the Tracker is in plain language and helps users gain meaningful visibility into their data transactions.

Available to Guardian Enrollment API users in Early Adopter program.

Mid-Year Plan Changes [Early Adopter]

We are updating Guided Renewal and the Plan Configuration API to accommodate mid-year plan changes with a simple automated workflow. Our friendly new Benefits Plan Year dashboard shows customers exactly what’s changed and walks you through re-importing the updated plans in just a few clicks. And if you accidentally make a mistake, you can reset your changes and start over. It’s all part of our push to empower clients to complete tasks right away without having to wait for assistance.           

Available to Guardian Plan Configuration API users in Early Adopter program. 

Interested in enabling for your account? Contact your PlanSource Account Manager or broker!

Employee Experience Updates

Password Reset Enhancements

With this security enhancement, when a user requests to reset their account password, the password that PlanSource auto-generates and sends will now expire within 30 minutes. Upon logging in, users will be asked to set a new password that’s different from the temporary one. By setting a time limit on randomly generated passwords, we help keep users’ accounts secure, even if their email may fall into the wrong hands. Coming January/February 2021.

Mobile App Login Authentication

Today, many mobile app users aren’t able to take advantage of convenient Face ID and Touch ID login authentication methods for the PlanSource mobile app. This is because the app automatically uses the phone’s default authentication method and if they don’t see the pop-up on their first login, there’s no way to change this preference within the app settings.

That’s all changing with a new mobile app update coming early next year that will allow users to select their preferred authentication method from the login screen and/or from a new page within app settings. Coming January/February 2021.

Mobile App SSO Enhancements

Today, when mobile app users access a partner page via SSO link – such as clicking to complete a Guardian EOI, which takes them to the Guardian EOI webpage embedded within our app – the iOS app doesn’t provide a seamless way to exit the partner page and return to PlanSource. (Android’s native Back button works for Android app users.)

To solve for this, we’re adding a Back button that will display whenever users enter a partner website through the app and allow them to easily return to PlanSource. Coming January/February 2021.

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