Winter Release
January 2024

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Welcome to the Winter 2024 Release
New AI-powered communications tool
Enhancements to our ACA capabilities
New integrations with Boost Carrier Partners
Updates to our Enrollment API
AI-Powered Communications

PlanSource would like to introduce you to Olive, our new AI assistant. As we continue to upgrade our software platform, Olive will gain new capabilities to make our platform PlanSource even smarter!

With this release, we are excited to announce the release of Olive Create – a groundbreaking tool feature that leverages generative AI to empower HR professionals to effortlessly craft informative and engaging communications.

Olive Creates incorporates a custom message builder directly into the PlanSource platform and is powered by ChatGPT-4.
Efficient Message Building
Olive Creates prompts the user with helpful suggestions, guiding them through the content creation process, saving time and improving the wording of the message.
Dynamic Content
By integrating generative AI and a fill-in-the-blank style creation tool, Olive Creates empowers HR professionals to effortlessly communicate essential information.
ACA Enhancements
ACA Reporting season is only a few months away, so it is a smart idea to take advantage of PlanSource’s Affordable Care Act features and services. Complying with the ACA is a critical and complex effort, and PlanSource provides the tools and expertise to make this process as thorough and reliable as possible.
With this release, we will be making several ACA-related updates:
Updates to the ACA Aggregate Report allowing our ACA team to be more informed and efficient when supporting clients using our ACA tool
Improvements to the ACA Transmissions page
Tax form updates
Boost Integrations
Through our Boost program, we have partnered with leading insurance carriers to create real-time API integrations, an engaging employee shopping experience, and time-saving services.
In this release, we are introducing new Boost integrations with several of our partners:

Enrollment API

The Hartford can now replace traditional batch EDI files (previously processed weekly) with our real-time enrollment API, reducing discrepancies and timing-related issues.

EOI Single Sign-On (SSO)

The Standard’s customers benefit can now from seamless shopping, answering EOI questions within the PlanSource benefits shopping experience.

EOI Decision Notification API

Reliance Matrix customers can now enjoy seamless shopping, answering EOI questions within the benefits shopping experience, with an automatic return of the decision, saving HR 15-30 minutes per EOI decision request.

Plan Configuration API

PlanSource now automates the setup and renewal process for MetLife’s dental and vision products, eliminating errors and saving HR 30 minutes per plan.

Member Portal SSO

Allstate Benefits’ customers now have an automated login experience to the Allstate Benefits member portal right within the PlanSource shopping experience. Employees can file claims, check claim status and more without managing a separate login.
Enrollment API Updates
PlanSource’s enrollment APIs instantly transmit enrollment data into insurance carrier systems, saving HR teams a significant amount of time, and reducing coverage gaps for employees due to errors associated with manual processes.
Enrollment API Versioning
When updates are made to the Enrollment API payload and/or logic for specific carriers, there is an occasional risk of adverse impacts to carriers not associated with that change.

In this release, we identify the version the enrollment API that each carrier is using, allowing us to provide the payload and/or logic update only for the carriers who require the change. As a result, the risk of adverse impact to carriers not experiencing the change will be mitigated.

Additional Enrollment API changes
New enhancements to API transaction trackers
Improvements to duplicate event logic
Creation of payloads for future plan years
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