Titan Release

September 9, 2021

Welcome to the Titan Release

As we gear up for Q4 and open enrollment, we are focused on reducing costs and increasing HR efficiency. In the Titan Product Release we have important updates to Guided Renewal, DecisionIQ, InsightsIQ, enhanced integrations and exciting partner announcements.

Reduce Costs with AI

HR Efficiency

Enhanced Integrations

New Benefit Offerings

Reduce Costs with AI


With DecisionIQ, employees receive intelligent, personalized guidance for all types of benefits, so they can navigate complex choices with ease. Our AI and Machine Learning-based models use demographic, dependent, eligibility, risk tolerance and regional cost data to offer hyper-personalized suggestions for best-fit plans and coverage amounts.
healthcare usage

Employees can easily identify healthcare usage by providing things like average number of provider visits, planning a pregnancy, recurring prescriptions, or chronic conditions to estimate out-of-pocket costs for each available plan.

Cost estimates
HSA and FSA show the medical, out-of-pocket cost estimates so they have a full view for how these pre-tax funds can be used.
Decision support
On the HSA or FSA page, DecisionIQ highlights the estimated out-of-pocket costs that should be contributed to these accounts along with the tax savings, giving employees clear info to make a better decision.
DecisionIQ is Powered by an Integration with Milliman
Milliman’s models are recognized as the gold standard for measuring health care utilization and claims costs
Used by 90 of the largest 100 insurance carriers and includes more than 100M local cost benchmarks.
Best Match
Millman models estimate expected costs based on family demographics, plan design and expected utilization to suggest “best match” to 100% of employees.
Employees can compare plan costs and determine how much money to contribute to HSAs and set aside for out-of-pocket costs.
Additional Personalization
Employees can personalize the “best match” suggestion further by answering a few additional questions.
Coming Q3 for Early Adopters
Powerful benefit insights at your fingertips

Overview of employees, benefits, participation and costs to provide an at-a-glance summary

Real-time OE election tracking to respond as OE progresses
Benefit Costs (Future)
Distribution of costs per benefit between employer and employee, benchmarked against similar sized companies
Employee Demographics
Breakdown of how your population is distributed to understand needs and fit
Trending can be difficult because time periods need to be aggregated. ​

InsightsIQ pre-aggregates history, displaying trending and tracking towards an outcome.​

Its difficult to know how you compare to peers without significant resources to research. ​

Benchmarking provides visibility into how benefits might be impacting recruitment and retention. ​

While reports are powerful, they require effort and knowledge of spreadsheet tools to analyze. ​

With InsightsIQ data is visualized for quick analysis, decision making and action. ​

Often progress needs to be sought out. ​

Dashboards are always up-to-date, and scheduling/alerts are built to be sent on schedule. ​

HR Efficiency and Compliance
Guided Renewal Enhancements

Within Guided Renewal HR leaders can now easily mark a plan as COBRA eligible without automatically creating a matching COBRA plan.

While testing in Guided Renewal, HR leaders have access to new filtering options within the employee list. 

EOI Admin Access Restrictions
To better protect an employee’s personal health information (PHI) and still facilitate testing for our EOI integrations, we made a few key enhancements to our EOI integrations:
Admins & Employees

We disabled the ability for admins who are acting as an employee to access their EOI forms – this also prevents enrollers from accessing an employee’s EOI form.


To support testing, we will continue to allow admins to act as a ‘test employee’ to access the carriers EOI form.

EOI Integration
We’ve disabled the EOI integration for active employees when the plugin is “in test” mode.
HSA/FSA/HRA Enhancements
In Titan, we have enhanced our overall HSA capabilities with new features and integrations.
Employee Experience

Integrated Employee Experience with Alegeus – Employees can quickly access and manage their HSAs, FSAs, and HRAs through the employee experience in PlanSource.

Year to Date
HR leaders will now be able to see a “year to date” contribution amount to the Employee Coverage section, which allows admins to see and change the amount that is driving a mid-year proration for new hires and life events.
Site Speed Improvements
We’ve listened to feedback from our customers on site speed and navigation within our new user experience. We are deploying major improvements in the Titan release to address this and in future releases will continue to improve site speed and page load time. To increase page load and site speed within the entire PlanSource experience we have:

Reduced the number of queries sent to the database which will distribute load times

Made significant caching improvements and code optimization to load and display information quicker

Removed from the side navigation several feature toggles that are now generally available

HCM Enhancements

UKG Pro – Sync what Matters

Throughout Q3 and Q4, we’re making enhancements to our integration with UKG Pro. This feature will:

Ease duplication of effort to set up pay calendars in PlanSource
Ensure payroll schedule data is consistent between UKG and PlanSource
Prevent incorrect payroll deductions
This feature will only pull pertinent pay calendar data that is applicable in Benefits Administration. This means we won’t include off-cycle payrolls, tax adjustments payrolls or other payrolls that can be run/added to UKG Pro but that are not part of the general pay calendar.
New Benefit Offerings with Marketplace Partners
A curated list of strategic partners designed to maximize HR efficiency,
employee engagement and plan participation

The Basics of the Partner Marketplace

Quick Implementation

through out of the box templates

Templated File Delivery
for expedited data exchange
Employee Shopping Experience
with optimized page content to ​drive engagement

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