Galileo Release
March 14, 2019
Welcome to the Galileo Release
Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer, who is sometimes described as the “father of modern science”. He made numerous contributions to multiple fields of study and groundbreaking astronomical observations, including the discovery of four of Jupiter’s moons, the phases of Venus and the analysis of sunspots. Galileo helped us see the universe more clearly, and so we hope that the enhancements included in the Galileo product release give you a better view of your benefits programs and strategy.
Experience the New HR Experience!
In our Calypso release last December, we launched a beta version of the new user experience for HR Teams. The new experience is being rolled out in phases throughout the next several releases, giving HR and benefits professionals the opportunity to gradually become accustomed to the new design and provide feedback. Users can switch between the new and classic experience at any time using a toggle button.
In the December Calypso release we included a new dashboard, with improved navigation and a redesigned employee profile, and in Galileo primarily focused on tasks and made enhancements to the navigation, employee profile and work status processing. Our goal is to create an experience that helps you quickly and easily accomplish what you do the most.
A New Central Location for Common Tasks
HR Teams spend 82% of their time in the PlanSource system working with employees and completing tasks associated with employees. So, in the Galileo release, a major focus has been to redesign and streamline how users review and approve pending life events, documentation and elections that require EOI approval.

We created a new, central location to give a consolidated view for all task activities, where HR teams can filter for common actions and have quick access to the information they need. This simplifies the user experience with a common set of expected results and provides a consistent way to approach tasks.

Other enhancements to the new HR experience include:
Work Status Processing
Simplified views and improved the ability to complete bulk actions and modify list views
Work Status Processing
Updated approach to benefits listed on the employee profile, allowing users to easily drill in to see which dependents are enrolled
Navigation updates
Added links to new hire processing, renewals and PlanSource University, and included page indicators for easy access and orientation
Mobile and Accessible
The new HR experience has been designed following Web Accessibility Content Guideline 2.0 AA (WCAG). It is also mobile responsive, which allows you to jump in and approve a life event, view a document request or approve an EOI right on your mobile device.
New Guided Renewal Tool
Launched to select customers Q4 2018, this new tool builds on years of research and uses smart defaults and data-driven metrics from the PlanSource system to drastically simplify the annual renewal process for HR Teams. A smart, intuitive and automated renewal workflow empowers HR teams to efficiently manage the renewal process on their own.

The self-service renewal tool is now generally available to all users of PlanSource and new enhancements have been added, including a Carrier Changes Module. This tool allows users to indicate if there are changes or terminations to be made in a file, activating new carrier file requests to be sent to our renewal support team. Progress of the file changes can be tracked via the EDI Dashboard.

Introducing PlanSource Community!
Coming in April of 2019, a collaborative and empowering learning environment that is driven and sustained by PlanSource users is being added to PlanSource University. PlanSource Community provides HR and benefits professionals with a virtual place to share best practices, submit ideas and strengthen their knowledge of PlanSource products and services by learning from fellow PlanSource users and subject matter experts.

This forum offer the familiar functionality we’ve all come to expect from social media, including the ability to post content, like posts and set up polls to learn other’s thoughts on specific topics.

Multi-Factor Authentication Beta Program
We have introduced multi-factor authentication into a beta program with the Galileo release as an added security measure. Multi-factor authentication adds a layer of login security to help keep your account and data safe. This helps protect your account when there’s a login from a new device.

You can decide what methods of multi-factor authentication are required for different types of users in the PlanSource system. For example, administrators have greater access to sensitive data, so you may require it for them but make it optional for employees.

Four types of multi-factor authentication that are available in beta with the Galileo release:
Receive a code sent via text message
Hardware token plugged into a USB drive
Receive a code sent via text message
Backup Codes
Printable list of codes as a backup plan
Interested in Joining the Beta Program?
We’d love to get your feedback and input on our new multi-factor authentication tools. To participate in the beta program, just follow link below, fill out the form and we will get in touch with next steps.
Employee Communications Center Generally Available
The Employee Communications Center, which went into beta in the fall of 2018, is now generally available. This new section of the PlanSource system opens up communications opportunities for HR teams, giving them the ability to run full scale communications campaigns from one central location. New enhancements to the communications center include a customizable “from” field for new campaigns, which allows HR Teams to designate the sender of an email using their company’s email return address.
New EOI Integrations with Voya and Unum
We have established repeatable data integrations and single sign-on Evidence of Insurability (EOI) connections with key partners to drive higher employee engagement and participation with real-time decision-making. Our EOI integrations are done in a two-phased approach: though single sign-on (SSO) to the carrier’s portal from enrollment shopping cart, and automated EOI decision processing.

We have developed EOI integrations with Cigna, Guardian and MetLife in previous releases and, in the Galileo release, we have added SSO EOI integrations with Voya and Unum.

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