Welcome to the Nova Release

We’re kicking off 2021 with exciting new products and functionality in PlanSource that bring you AI/ML-powered efficiency, faster configuration for HR teams, and a more seamless employee experience.

New PlanSourceIQ Offerings

HR Leader Updates

Boost Updates

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Introducing Our New PlanSourceIQ Offerings

PlanSourceIQ is our new suite of AI/ML-powered products developed by a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers and that’s designed to deliver hyper-personalized experiences and way-higher HR efficiency. 



With DecisionIQ, employees receive intelligent, personalized guidance for all types of benefits, so they can navigate complex choices with ease. Our AI and Machine Learning-based models use demographic, dependent, eligibility, risk- tolerance and regional cost data to offer hyper personalized suggestions for best-fit plans and coverage amounts.

AI/ML Intelligence

AI/ML technology surfaces personalized, hyper-targeted insights within the employee benefit shopping experience


DecisionIQ covers all products and plans, so your entire benefits package is covered, not just part of it

Personalized Suggestions

Employees can answer a few questions to layer in personal preference data into recommendations

Coverage & Contributions

Help employees understand the right coverage levels for their needs and even how much to contribute to their HSA/FSA 

Local Cost Comparisons

Provide employees with hyper-targeted cost estimates, based on regional cost data from millions of users

On-Demand Advice

Offer benefits guidance 24/7 – from a laptop, smartphone or our free mobile app – for a superior employee experience


Instant, AI-powered eligibility verification

Eliminate HR admin work and unnecessary premium costs each month with instant eligibility verification in DependentIQ. Powerful AI/ML technology automatically detects key data elements in valid eligibility documents and approves them instantly; any documents not instantly verified are routed for manual HR review … all helping prevent ineligible dependents from ever enrolling in your plans. We pair this with our verification services to bring you end-to-end eligibility management your team never has to touch.

AI/ML Instant Verification

DependentIQ uses advanced image recognition and AI/ML technology to automatically recognize and verify employee documents – providing instant results and eliminating 70% of HR admin intervention.

KPI Analytics Dashboard

A simple and actionable verification dashboard combines all verification activities into a single view, including real-time savings calculations, so you have greater visibility into the status, KPIs and ROI of dependent verification.

Configurable Rules

Build on top of our default rule sets to customize approval rules by document type, job role, seniority, employee population and more, so you can control the experience and where coverage is enacted.

Employee Communications

With DependentIQ, we’ll handle all verification-related communications for you, so your team can stay out of the weeds and out of uncomfortable employee interactions that could result in resentment or disengagement.

Custom Documents & Approval

Require company-specific documents and set custom approval rules for them. Admins can view all verification activities and manual approval requests from a single screen for centralized task management and better HR oversight.

Mobile Document Upload

Employees can take a photo of eligibility documents – like a marriage or birth certificate – and upload them into PlanSource all right from their phone. DependentIQ instantly recognizes what type of document it is and if it’s valid.

HR Leader Updates

Self-Service for Plan Content

For our Nova Release, we’re bringing the ability to edit Plan Content and Plan Content Details from our standard configuration into our Guided Renewal and Guided Launch workflows. This enhancement will remove the need for HR teams using Guided Renewal or Guided Launch to submit a support ticket to have these details entered.

The clear and intuitive workflow walks HR teams through how to enter the data properly. And having these Plan Content Details filled in for all of your plans means employees can take advantage of plan comparison and decision support capabilities within the shopping experience.

Boost Updates

Boost’s groundbreaking approach to modern benefits management provides organizations with industry-leading benefits technology and carrier integrations for greater HR efficiency and a streamlined employee experience.

MetLife Member Portal SSO 

Our latest MetLife integration through Boost will allow employees to access their MetLife ‘MyBenefits Portal’ right from the PlanSource benefits platform … without having to remember another login! This provides easy access to MetLife member information and resources such as ID cards, claims support, provider directories and more.

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