Sunglow Release
April 7, 2022
Welcome to the Sunglow Release
With our first release of 2022, we are focused on continued enhancements to the HR Admin & Employee experience, added ROI reporting from our IQ Suite and increased speed for dependent verification and UKG payroll processes.
Enhanced Admin & Employee Experience
Greater Visibility into System ROI
Increased Speed of Dependent Verification with AI
Simplified Transactions for UKG
Enhanced Admin & Employee Experience
Ben Admin Reports
Based on feedback and communication from our customers, we updated our most commonly used reports in HR Admin. In this release you will find additional filters, sortable columns and enhanced speeds.
SBC for Dental in DecisionIQ
In our decision-support tool, DecisionIQ, we made it much easier and quicker to upload your dental information. With this update, you just upload your dental SBC and DecisionIQ extracts all the relevant data thus eliminating manual input. This technology saves you time and makes inputting dental data a breeze.
HSA Enrollment Refresh
We also updated the look and feel of our HSA Enrollment in the employee experience. Our updated streamlined workflow and features allow employees to see exactly what HSA options they have, along with costs and benefits during Open Enrollment.
Greater Visibility into ROI for IQ
We are excited to introduce ROI dashboards for both DecisionIQ and DependentIQ that give your leaders insight into how the product is being used and how it’s benefiting your company.
ROI Dashboard for DependentIQ
In the DependentIQ ROI Dashboard, admins can see the current count of dependents and their status, estimated time savings and estimated premium savings.
ROI Dashboard for DecisionIQ
On the DecisionIQ dashboard, admins you can see how many employees elected the best match, what was chosen instead of the best match, and drill down into selections for each plan.
Increased Speed of Dependent Verification with AI
Multi-Document Workflow
Building on our AI and ML-powered technology in DependentIQ, we improved the process required when multiple proof documents are preferred to prove eligibility. We also redesigned the task page so that all documents are consolidated onto the same screen.
Domestic Partner Models
Leveraging the new multi-document workflow, we built new IQ models that verify the relationship of a spouse or domestic partner using 7 additional documents.
Simplified Transactions for UKG
Resync for Failed Deduction, Earning, and Lump Sum Transactions
The Resync feature allows admins to retry failed transactions on demand. It also marks later transactions as “Resolved – Auto” to reduce noise on the API Transaction Tracker.
Restart for Failed Deductions Earning, and Lump Sum Transactions
This feature automatically restarts the process of failed transactions and marks later transactions as “Resolved-Auto” to reduce noise on the API Transaction Tracker.
Updates to UKG
Payroll Schedules
Building on the enhancements made in prior releases, we further enhanced our Payroll Schedule Sync to provide more visibility to admins and an overall better user experience.
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