Gemini Release
December 12, 2019
Welcome to the Gemini Release
Named for the constellation of the twins, Gemini was NASA’s second human spaceflight program. The Gemini spacecraft carried a two-astronaut crew and missions were flown during 1965 and 1966, teaching NASA vital space travel techniques to support the Apollo mission to land astronauts on the Moon. Coming at the end of open enrollment, which tends to make people see double, we hope our Gemini product release will help you prepare for amazing benefits missions in 2020!
Enhancements to the New HR Experience!
One of our biggest focus areas the last 18 months has been redesigning the HR experience. We launched our new user experience for HR Teams in our Calypso release in December of 2018 and have been rolling it out in phases throughout 2019. Sections of the experience that have been updated are now the default view, but users can switch between the new and classic experience at any time using a toggle button.
With the Gemini release, we made several enhancements to the experience to help HR teams work faster and more efficiently, including:
Task management
Updated design to be mobile friendly and WCAG User Accessibility compliant, updated filter capabilities, multi-select “Review Entire Queue” functionality and new searchable fields.
Life Events
Added custom approval function, ability to add notes, document approvals in Life Event workflow and visual enhancements.
Document processing
Added document upload ability from Tasks page, notes sections, new statuses and reporting enhancements.
Guided Renewal Tool Updates
Guiding You to Benefits Bliss
Our Guided Renewal tool builds on years of research and uses smart defaults and data-driven metrics from the PlanSource system to drastically simplify the annual renewal process for HR teams. We’ve made some major updates to the tool with Gemini based on feedback internally and from our customers.
Updates to the Guided Renewal Tool include:
Streamlined communication for customers with support requests right from the system for easier tracking and reporting.

Improved internal reporting for increased visibility into client changes during guided renewal including status reporting, change summaries and statistics.

PlanSource Boost Integrations
Guiding You to Benefits Bliss

PlanSource Boost is a carrier partner program created to modernize the customer experience through optimized benefits shopping, simplified billing, preferred pricing and real-time API integrations.

Guardian was the first carrier to participate in Boost and select clients are currently enrolled in a beta program. Currently, plan configuration and EOI APIs have been developed, and APIs for enrollments and access to carrier member portals are in the works.

For the Guardian beta program, the configuration API for Dental and Vision is currently available. These APIs automate setup by pulling product and rate information for Dental and Vision from Guardian’s system, eliminating customer effort and reducing errors and time to implement. Get more details about Guardian and PlanSource Boost here.

Availability of Guardian Boost Products
Dental Available
September 2019
Vision Available
December 2019
All other products
June 2020
ACA State Reporting Service
Employers with employees in New Jersey or Washington DC must submit specific ACA forms, which takes a lot of manual work. We’ve streamlined this process with a service to submit state ACA transmissions and monitor status. When a federal form transmission is complete, our team uses an ACA transmission tool to look at each subscriber and start a state transmission, if applicable. This tool will become generally available in 2020.
Coming Soon: Updated Mobile App with Enrollment
We are making significant updates to the PlanSource Mobile App in order to provide employees with more flexible options to shop for, enroll in, and use their benefits. Updates include:
• Access our advanced mobile-responsive employee enrollment experience from within the PlanSource Mobile App.

• Upgraded mobile application authentication methods including facial recognition, fingerprint and four-digit passcode.

• Compatibility with external links and integrations including: plan content links, decision support, Jellyvision’s ALEX and EOI completion.