Welcome to the Halo Release

We’re packing a ton of great new features and enhancements into our Q2 Halo Product Release to reduce costs with AI, increase HR efficiency, enhance the UKG Pro integration and continue investing in and releasing new PlanSource Boost integrations.

Reduce Costs with AI

HR Efficiency

PlanSource Boost

HCM Integrations

Reduce Costs with AI Enhancements

PlanSourceIQ is our new suite of AI/ML-powered products developed by a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers and that’s designed to deliver hyper-personalized experiences and way-higher HR efficiency.

DEPENDENTIQ: AI-powered eligibility verification

Now Available for Early Adopters

Ineligible dependents cost businesses millions of dollars in annual health plan expenses. Rather than implementing cost-cutting measures like reducing benefits or increasing co-pays (which employees are not fans of), employers can use the new DependentIQ in PlanSource to instantly verify employee documents and identify individuals who aren’t eligible to participate in your benefit plans.

Save Money
Reduce monthly medical premium costs for fully-insured plans and total monthly claims costs for self-insured plans.
Improve Compliance
Improve compliance with your Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), HR policies and custom business rules.
Minimize Risk
Reduce your company’s stop-loss exposure and litigation risks related to ERISA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations.

Full Initial Audit + Ongoing Dependent Verification

Powered by AI and Machine Learning technology, DependentIQ automates and manages end-to-end dependent verification processes, so your team doesn’t have to. DependentIQ instantly recognizes and detects key data elements in valid employee  documents like birth and marriage certificates, enabling real-time eligibility verification … both in a full initial audit and ongoing – so you’re protected with every life-event change and at open enrollment.

Flexible document request rules
Automated rule enforcement at enrollment
AI-powered image recognition and review
Consolidated work queue
Dashboard to monitor dependent status
Built-in employee communications templates
HR Efficiency


HR spends a large portion of annual renewal effort on testing which causes significant headaches and wasted time. Our new Guided Testing enhancement allows users to create new test employees, copy coverages and test employees directly. Once testing is complete, users can mark the employees as tested. The Guided Testing feature is designed to be a one-stop testing solution to save HR leaders time and effort.

As part of customer feedback, we’ve enhanced the Guided Renewal dashboard to streamline the overall benefits renewal process and pave the way for future enhancements. We started by removing the ‘What’s Changing Survey’ to reduce friction and minimize restarts. We’ve also made the experience more flexible by giving HR Leaders the ability to complete renewal process steps – and test them! – in whatever order and at any point they want.
The new Guided Launch dashboard brings all elements of the implementation process into a cohesive, unified visual framework. The dashboard allows HR leaders to access and see the status of each step required to successfully implement their company and brings additional elements of Guided Renewal into Launch, such as testing.
New Login Experience & Custom Branding
The redesigned login page offers a clean and modern experience that is secure, mobile-responsive and applies to all pages within the login experience.
Now available in Guided Renewal, Guided Launch and on the HR admin dashboard mid-year, the Company Branding feature allows HR leaders to upload their own logo and brand colors. This feature provides the ability to update branding or logos at renewal if branding changes.

HR leaders can upgrade to a custom login experience for their employees to showcase branding, logo, colors and a unique URL that is custom to your company.

Our Early Adopter program for this feature is currently full, but stay tuned for updates on general availability this September!

As part of the Halo release, PlanSource will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. Users may still use it but we will no longer address any bugs associated and new features will not work with IE11.
PlanSource Boost
Boost’s groundbreaking approach to modern benefits management provides organizations with industry-leading benefits technology and carrier integrations for greater HR efficiency and a streamlined employee experience.
With the Halo release, we are introducing the Sun Life Evidence of Insurability Single Sign On and Decision Notification integration. With this new Sun Life API, employees will be able to easily access and complete the EOI form online, directly within their benefits shopping experience in PlanSource. After they complete the EOI form, it’s automatically sent to Sun Life for approval. EOI decisions, coverage amounts and start dates are sent from Sun Life to PlanSource automatically notifying HR and the employee in real time.
HCM Integrations
PlanSource is continually investing in the UKG integration for the many customers that have UKG Pro and PlanSource.
In the Halo release, we have introduced two new configurable flags for HR leaders. The first flag allows employers to configure which employee address countries will sync (for example USA). The second flag allows employers to filter out employees that are terminated or were terminated on or before a specific date. In some cases, there are employees that would not be synced (for example an Ex-Pat that still has US benefits). We have also introduced an “Employee ID” override feature that will ignore the other rules and ensure the employee still syncs. This requires knowing the UKG Employee ID which may require employers to work with their UKG Support team if they do not know the employee ID.

PlanSource can now sync HSA employer lump sum contributions from the benefits administration platform to UKG Pro.


Employers will see all valid payroll records in UKG Pro right away instead of having to fix issues. This will keep systems in sync and allow for greater flexibility when fixing errors.


As UKG Pro continues to add new events to their platform, PlanSource will continue to subscribe to them. These events ensure the platforms remain in sync in real time.

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