Celadon Release
August 11, 2022
A Boosted OE Experience

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Welcome to the Celadon Release

Open Enrollment is the time of year when all the hard work and benefits planning you’ve done finally gets to shine. PlanSource recognizes this and designed the Celadon release to create an overall elevated OE experience for Employees and HR leaders alike. Included in this release, you will find enhanced ecosystem integrations, new benefits in DecisionIQ, new ROI dashboards and much more!

Elevated Employee Engagement
Open Enrollment Readiness Solutions
Enhanced Ecosystem Integrations

Elevated Employee Engagement

Introducing The Source
Making company news, initiatives and benefits relevant 24/7/365

HR teams are investing millions in benefits and initiatives to attract and retain talent in this competitive market. Through The Source, HR teams can drive their culture by showcasing their company messages, benefits and initiatives. They can deliver timely content to their team members via a mobile command center which is key for employees who don’t have company email addresses. And when employees know where to go to understand their benefits, they are more likely to use them and appreciate them. Employees that appreciate their benefits are more likely to be engaged.

Voluntary Benefits in DecisionIQ

As part of the continuing development of DecisionIQ, employees will now see Voluntary Life contribution recommendations, making enrollment easier and more intuitive. Based on employee data already stored in the system, 100% of employees will automatically see a suggested contribution with no additional effort on their part. This paired with the automatic medical, dental, and vision recommendations clears out the confusion and makes enrolling in the right plans a breeze. When employees enroll in the right plans everyone wins.  

Open Enrollment Readiness Solutions
Guided Renewal Enhancements

To further simplify things for HR leaders we have made several enhancements to the Guided Renewal Experience, updating the user experience so that it’s easier than ever to renew your plans. As organizations move to offer a more robust benefits package, renewing each benefit can become cumbersome very quickly. With Guided Renewal it allows you to automate and quickly complete the renewal processes so you can focus your time on more strategic initiatives.

Auto-Enabling Boost Content

With Celadon, customers will now be able to use the provided partner carrier content templates that contain education, legal, and marketing material during enrollment but also allow them the flexibility to add their own content if they would like. By allowing HR Leaders the freedom to supplement their own content, they can customize based on their employee demographics and increase plan adoption.

Partner Marketplace Template Updates

Currently, customers have a limited menu of available benefits to select from for Partner Marketplace. By activating 36 new templates the admin is able to more accurately select the correct set up and content for the offering. More accurate set-up and content = increased enrollment.

Infrastructure and Hardware Investments

In a perfect world, everyone would sign up for their benefits in a steady and staggered cadence, but we all know that things don’t always go perfectly. Have no fear though! When the last-minute enrollees make a mad dash to sign up on the last day of OE we have made significant investments in our infrastructure and hardware to ensure that you and your employees won’t notice any difference in system speed or availability.

Enhanced Ecosystem Integrations

Boosted Carrier integrations

You will also see that we have enabled all eligible Boost integrations to modernize the employee and HR experience. With Boost, we have partnered with leading insurance carriers to provide real-time modern API integrations, simplified self-billing and an optimized shopping experience. By enabling these integrations for customers using a Boost carrier, you will see increased participation, a seamless enrollment experience and efficient configuration of plans and rates all without leaving the PlanSource platform.

Paylocity Integration

With this release we are thrilled to add Paylocity to the PlanSource HCM Integration portfolio. Our seamless connection with Paylocity will allow HR teams to leverage the power of our benefits administration solution directly from the Paylocity system. With our API integration, employees can add and update their information, while administrators can update new hire information, terminations, and any general employee changes, all in real-time.

Trinet/Sage Salary Benefit Update

This update will save HR leaders time and headaches by allowing real-time updates for salary information. Instead of waiting to upload all changes with a batch uploaded demographic file, the changes can be done in the Admin API automatically.

Take a tour of the PlanSource Platform Release with our Product Team
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