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August 24, 2023








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Release Notes
A comprehensive guide to our latest release
Welcome to the Summer 2023 Release
With the Summer 2023 release, PlanSource grows its lead at employee engagement, while making your interactions with us smoother and richer than ever.
Enhancements to The Source
New Suite of API Transaction Trackers
Updates to EOI Capabilities
ACA Updates
Enhancements to The Source

Last summer, we introduced you to The Source, our cutting-edge engagement platform, which consolidates benefits enrollment and utilization into a single app. In April, we added The Source Personalize+, which further drives benefits engagement by sending relevant, data-driven notifications to employees about their health and happiness.

In this release, we are adding several new capabilities to The Source to make it more accessible and easy to use for both employees and administrators:

Direct to The Source Email Feature
The Source can be used as an additional channel to notify employees of important company information beyond traditional email. We know that employees are bombarded with information and emails. With this new feature, HR leaders can save several steps by simply blind copying (BCC) a specific email address when sending out a company email. Once you hit send, the message will appear in both your traditional email inbox and The Source inbox, saving time and effort.
Large-Screen Compatibility
We originally designed The Source app to be used by employees on their smartphones. With this release, we have created another view that is optimized for large screens, including laptops, desktops and tablets.

Now, when your employees log in to enroll in their benefits, they will see The Source homepage – enhancing their experience and driving benefits engagement.

My Company Page
We have enhanced the documents view in the form of a My Company page. With this change, you will now be able to create custom categories, and populate them with internal and external links to websites and documents. This capability will help you create a cleaner look, and improve clarity and organization.

Learn More about The Source

The Source drives your employees to understand and utilize their benefits year round, not just when they enroll. Schedule a demo to learn how the source can help you level up employee engagement!

API Transaction Trackers

PlanSource has APIs within the system that trade demographic, payroll, and enrollment data with partners and carriers.

On occasion, errors may occur with data transactions using these APIs, and identifying and resolving these errors can require valuable time that HR leaders don’t have. To increase transaction visibility and expedite resolution when troubleshooting API errors, we are introducing a suite of API Transaction Trackers.

These Transaction Trackers will allow you to measure success rates of API transactions, but also increase visibility into error volumes and reasons, and to create clear paths to resolution.

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) Updates
When an employee chooses a life insurance plan that is over the guaranteed issue amount or makes certain changes to their existing benefits, they are required to complete an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) application. This process has often involved printing the application, mailing it back to the carrier, and waiting for them to review. Aside from the long turnaround time, this approach can lead to errors, forms lost in the mail, etc. As a result, employees may end up thinking they have coverage they don’t due to unseen issues.

Our EOI integrations allow for an easy, paperless process for employees to submit documents to carriers and lower turnaround time for approvals. More importantly, errors are less likely, and easier to catch when they happen.

Current carriers with EOI integrations include Aflac, Guardian, Lincoln Financial Group, MetLife, New York Life, Prudential, Reliance Matrix, Sun Life, The Hartford, Unum, and Voya Financial.

We are introducing several enhancements that will make our EOI processes run more smoothly:

Enhanced processing logic to improve the performance and reliability of Carrier EOI integrations
Increased automation of EOI approvals for volume-based benefits (e.g., Life and AD&D)
ACA Updates
Complying with the Affordable Care Act is a critical and complex effort, and PlanSource provides the tools and expertise to make this process as thorough and reliable as possible.
Full-Time Recognition
Our ACA engine has been upgraded to be able to recognize employees working at least 130 hours per month as full time. We have also updated the employee ACA Timeline, Monitoring Report and the ACA Employee Data pages to reflect this change.
Custom Start Month
With this update, clients with multiple plan years and FEINs will now be able to choose a custom start month to allow them to accurately report information on their 1095-C forms.
HR Experience Updates
Guided Renewal Improvements
Adding the ability to copy multiple plans at a time from a template client at both the benefit and plan level.
Operation Support Updates
As we continue to improve our reimbursement calculations, we will be adding the tracking of payroll schedule changes. This change will allow us to track when an employee switches payroll frequency (e.g., from biweekly to monthly to correctly reflect the YTD figures, and allow for improved calculations going forward.
Sunsetting of the Classic HR Experience

We will be continuing our efforts to sunset select pages of the Classic HR Experience. The following pages will be impacted:

  • New Hire Processing
  • Premium Billing
  • Manage Administrators

All other pages are available via the new user experience toggle, and will still be available in the classic view when disabled. We will continue to sunset other classic pages throughout 2023, and are planning on moving all pages to the new experience by the beginning of 2024.

Document Request and DependentIQ Task Improvements

We heard your feedback, and we made several changes to improve user experience with Document Requests and Dependent IQ Tasks:


  • Added link from the Dependent IQ task page to the Employee page
  • When Life Event and DependentIQ tasks are related, the Life Event task page will show related details
  • Usability improvements to the Dependent Demographic Changes report for DependentIQ customers
  • Removed “Other Options” the My Documents page in the Employee Experience in order to ensure employees receive timely notifications
Document Request and DependentIQ Task Improvements
As part of our pursuit of WCAG compliance (the organization that sets standards for accessibility), we have migrated all employers to a WCAG-compliant default color scheme. To accommodate employers who wish to change to an alternate color scheme, we have added the ability to change their color options throughout the employee experience
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